The DEDRA is perfect for “camera-facing positions”


The DEDRA is perfect for “camera-facing positions” and is a favorite in the film, photography and documentary sectors. Reporters especially love its compact design and impressive output. The “captive” screws allow fast removal of the barndoors for replacement with a diffuser. An onboard potentiometer allows 100% down to 1% intensity.

The fixture is equipped with a yoke and can be suspended, mounted, or set directly on the floor. The DEDRA DC version uses 24-30 V power. Since the DEDRA is always used near microphones, Avolon’s trademark no-noise feature makes this unit invaluable.


No Noise

No Heat

Light Weight & Compact

Dimmable Without Color Change

Flicker Free

Made in Belgium

Technical sheet

  • The DEDRA is equipped with four 24 watt 3200K, 4000K or 5600K PLL tubes.
  • The tubes are held in place by two springs and can be changed in 30 seconds.
  • The reflector unifies the illuminated surface and quadruples the light output.
  • The DEDRA’s barndoors can be removed using the two captive screws.
  • They can also be replaced by a diffuser equipped with its own removable flaps.
  • The DEDRA projector can be dimmed using an onboard potentiometer.
  • Dimming does not alter colors. The fixture has an on/off button.
  • The DEDRA is also equipped with a yoke for work in any position.
  • Like all our projectors, the DEDRA is completely free of operating and contact noise.
  • It is also a heat-free fixture.

Technical detail

  • Dimensions : L. 470 mm x H. 385mm x D. 55mm.
  • Weights : 2,650 kg.
  • Voltage : 220-240V (modèle Europe) ou 110 V (modèle USA et Canada).
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz.
  • Output frequency : FLICKER-FREE
  • Power : 96 Watt.
  • Heat-free.

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