The tube sandblasted inside
gives it a natural diffussion


The ALAdIN is in the form of a cylinder. The tube sandblasted inside gives it a natural diffussion. It is equipped with four 55W PLL tubes inserted into a reflector that unifies and greatly increases light intensity. Its sleek design allows it to be often deliberately forgotten in the field of the camera.

Through the integrated control potentiometer the light intensity can vary from 100 to 1%. Without a change of color. Simply undo the 3 screws to separate the envelloppe from the base that houses all the electronics.

The lamps are changed in less than 30 seconds. The Aladin works in 360° both horizontally and vertically. Like all our projectors, Aladin iscompletely free of operating and contact noise. It is also energy efficient (220 actual watts) and heat-free.


No Noise

No Heat

Light Weight & Compact

Dimmable Without Color Change

Flicker Free

Made in Belgium

Technical sheet

  • The ALAdIN is equiped of four PLL 55 watt tubes of  3200° K, 4000° K and 5600° K.
  • They are held by a spring and are changed into 30 seconds.
  • The internal reflectors unify the illuminated surface and quadruple the luminous efficiency.
  • The Aladin is dimmable from 1-100% by the integrated potentiometer of the projector. This is done without altering the colors.
  • It is equipped with an on/off button.
  • A remote control is available (Max 300m.).

Technical detail

  • Dimensions  : ø 250mm H. 600mm (Overall)
  • Weights : 6,500 kg.
  • Voltage : 220-240V (Europe) or 110 V (USA and Canada).
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz.
  • Output frequency : FLICKER-FREE (<40 KHz).
  • Power : 220 Watt.
  • Heat-free.

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